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With age, the lens loses its elasticity and small opacities may appear on the lens. Because of this, ULTRALASIK surgery is contraindicated. Intraocular lenses are then an option for those who wish to free themselves from their glasses or who wish to have surgery for cataracts.

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Our ophthalmologist will be able to offer you an alternative solution adapted to your personality and your lifestyle, in particular by replacing your lens with a multifocal intraocular lens. No single type of lens is perfect for everyone. This procedure can be considered from the age when the lens loses its natural ability to accommodate.

Your surgeon will determine which one is most appropriate for you. The professionals at the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic are committed to selecting from the available technologies, the ones that demonstrate high-level safety and performance, to meet your needs. This specifically includes the following intraocular lenses:

  • Monofocal;
  • Monofocal toric (compensation for astigmatism);
  • Multifocal (compensation for presbyopia);
  • Multifocal toric (compensation for presbyopia and astigmatism).

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Watch the following informative videos to understand how phacorefractive surgery corrects vision problems. Learn more about the different specialty lenses!

Correction by corneal laser surgery.

How does it work?

The monofocal lens

If your priority is to improve the quality of your vision first and if you don’t mind wearing glasses every day.

The Multicofale lens

If you want to break free from your glasses, multifocal lenses offer the advantage of seeing both far and near simultaneously, with both eyes together.


A cataract is defined as a loss in lens transparency. Its effect can be compared to looking through a frosted or tinted window. Initially, the opacity may affect only a limited section of the lens and may go unnoticed as a result. However, it tends to evolve over time, causing a reduction in vision quality. Most cataracts are age-related and generally appear after the age of 50.

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The IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic offers private cataract surgery.

  • Pre-op and surgical assessments within 1-2 weeks;
  • Surgery on both eyes on the same day;
  • Advanced technology, CATALYS laser©;
  • All specialized services in the same place;
  • Post-op follow-up in collaboration with your optometrist to limit your travel.

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