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Schwind Amaris 750S Laser

The Schwind Amaris® 750S laser combines characteristics aimed at optimizing laser surgery effectiveness, predictability and safety.

This latest technology has indisputable advantages, including:

  • An ultra smooth ablation surface for optimal visual recovery thanks to Smart Pulse technology
  • An ablation speed two to three times faster than a conventional laser, with an extremely short treatment time of 1.5 seconds per dioptre (myopia)
  • A 6D eye tracking system that ensures perfect dynamic alignment throughout the treatment
  • An aspherical ablation profile to maximize the quality of night vision and contrast sensitivity
  • High-resolution diagnostic instruments for customized vision correction thanks to topographically or aberrometry guided personalized ablation
  • SmartSurfACE technology for TransPRK surgery, a type of touch-free surface ablation without cuts or incisions
  • Thanks to its personalized ablation mode, the Schwind Amaris® 750S laser minimizes ablation depth and follows the natural curve of the cornea.
  • It also reduces the chance of adverse symptoms such as seeing halos around lights at night

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